BL4725-540KV Brushless Motor

Product Code:KA-72-092

Code: KA-72-092
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This is BL 4725-540KV motor from KDS model. Elegant appearance and unique cooling design structure for the powerful cooling airflow. The latest 0.2mm imported silicon steel sheet with a high performance aluminum iron boron magnetic material N45SH as the stator core and winded with EIW(h)220' wire. 200'c high temperature resistant glue are used to fix the inverted tooth fixed magnet to give maximum holding strength of the magnet for high powered operation or external impact. An imported NSK dual cover ball bearing for the smoothness motor result, with special processing technologies using  high performance materials, this motor will give you  more power for the satisfaction for all types of flying.

Item Name:BL 4725-540KV
KV value :540KV
Poles 10P
Stator diameter:47mm
Thickness of lamination:25mm
Number of slots:12
Coil number:6 Turn Delta
No load(IO/20V) current:3.8A
Resistance:0.012 Ω
Max current:100 A
Max continuous power:4500W
Outer diameter:57.4mm
Extend shaft diameter: 6.0mm
Shaft length:100mm
Motor length:57.8mm
Operation temperature :130 °C
Max temperature  :180
Suitable ESC :100A
Battery range :5-12S

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